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A RE/MAX agent who appeared on the popular home search show shares his takeaways for those starting their real estate journeys.

Anyone who has watched HGTV’s longtime hit show “House Hunters” understands the suspense it brings – will the buyers choose the rural roomy craftsman? Or will they compromise on space to live in their favorite neighborhood?

Many first-time homebuyers’ impression of real estate stems from watching shows like House Hunters, a sensation that’s been providing insight and guidance to viewers for over two decades. While the show boils down a lengthy and complicated process into a less than 30-minute episode, it does shine light on some of the realities of buying a home.

Brian Redfern, an agent with RE/MAX Fine Properties in Scottsdale, Arizona, was recently featured on an episode of House Hunters, where he helped a newlywed couple purchase their first home in nearby Gilbert. Redfern shares the best lessons first-time buyers can learn from tuning into the timeless show.

1. Consider more properties than you’d think

During an episode of House Hunters, buyers choose from three properties on-air. Redfern agrees that touring multiple properties is a must for anyone, including first-time buyers who may need help defining their criteria. Plus, especially in a fluctuating housing market, considering multiple properties is a healthy way to avoid getting overly attached to one particular house only to find it’s unattainable.

“Sometimes, buyers need to go outside of their desired area to get the style of house they want and that might mean a little bit farther of a drive. So it’s important for buyers to give themselves multiple options,” Redfern says. “Seeing a range of houses is essential – and three is a minimum. Most of my relocation buyers are looking at 15 to 30 homes before narrowing it down.”

2. Be willing to compromise

It’s common for prospective homebuyers to not always agree on what distinguishes a want from a need. If House Hunters has taught viewers anything, according to Redfern, it’s that being willing to compromise is often essential – especially for first-time buyers learning how far their dollar goes in their local market.

“Ultimately, people buying a home together need to be on the same page. The couple I worked with on House Hunters really cared about each other’s feelings and did not want the selection of their home to undermine that,” Redfern says. “Even though no one wants to compromise, they both knew the ultimate goal was to find a home that could make both of them equally happy.”

He continues, “Everybody these days wants the perfect, turnkey house to walk into. But it’s important to remember there’s a big difference between disliking major things like floor plan and location, as opposed to disliking a home’s aesthetic or staging. Don’t get caught up in the features of a home that are easily changeable.”

3. Work with a real estate professional

While the location always changes, every episode of House Hunters has something in common – the buyers work with a real estate agent.

“The show absolutely reinforces the essential role of an agent,” Redfern says. “For example, trying to buy a home without an agent would mean you wouldn’t have access to the details from the MLS, which could include things like helpful documents and insight on the history of the home.”

In addition to having access to detailed property information, a trustworthy real estate professional brings local knowledge, real estate expertise, negotiation skills, and more to a transaction.

One of Redfern’s areas of expertise is new home construction, a facet of residential real estate where he especially underscores the value of an agent’s assistance.

“New builds are an area where some buyers wouldn’t think they’d need the help of an agent, but they absolutely do. Contracts for new builds are oftentimes written in favor of the builder, so you need an agent on your side as an advocate,” he shares.

As it turns out, tuning into House Hunters does more than entertain – it exposes future homebuyers to many aspects of the property selection process. First-time buyers: Are you ready to become a homeowner? Contact a local RE/MAX agent today.

Source: https://news.remax.com/3-practical-lessons-first-time-homebuyers-can-learn-from-hgtvs-house-hunters

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